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Release of the 2020 Handbook on AI and International Law

An amazing session comes to an end. I would like to extend my gratitude to His Excellency Benoit Sauveroche, Jared Jaskot and Sanjay Notani for releasing the 2020 Handbook on AI and International Law with a foreword by Mr Eugenio V Garcia. Mr Benoit was pleased to discuss about the role of AI in Indo-EU cooperation.

We also thank our editors SUMAN KALANI, Kshitij Naik and Akash Manwani & our contributors Manohar Samal, Dev Tejnani, Sameer Samal, Aditi Sharma, Sanad Arora and many more for contributing to this wonderful work which is on 20+ fields of international law.

You can read the book at

You can watch the inaugural at


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