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Editorial Guidelines

We open a call for blogs, on any advanced legal topic based on these simple guidelines:

  • Word limit should not be beyond 2,500 words. If an article is longer that the prescribed limit, it may be considered to be published in 2 or more parts.

  • If footnotes are used, please use the OSCOLA form of citation. We however recommend hyperlinks instead of footnotes wherever possible. Alternatively, we will allow the usage of number-based placeholders in ISO 690/IEEE citation style.

  • Any article which does not comply with the guidelines, and the basic standards of legal writing, can be rejected from being published.

  • We will explain the ideas in the blog in graphic form, hence kindly ensure that the writing style of the article is simple and lucid.

  • Any student of law, professional or academic in the field of law can submit an article on any legal/policy topic. It is our final and unconditional discretion to accept/reject any article. Interested people can email the article with their name, affiliation and contact details (phone number and E-Mail ID). We also accept articles by professionals and scholars in other fields, provided the article does have coherence with the basic aspects of the fields addressed.

  • We accept blogs in languages other than English (we are compatible with Hindi as of now).

  • The diagrams available as a part of the content are made by the Editorial Team of VLA. Hence, if an author considers or the Editors consider that a diagram has to be put in the blog article, the author does not require to make diagrams, and can at least suggest the Editors to make and improve those necessary diagrams accordingly.

  • The opinions expressed in this digital publication are those of the authors. They do not reflect the opinions or views of Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP or its members.


So, do not wait, and if you feel that you have some legal ideas to discuss, from arbitration to environment to energy laws to security to technology to corporate governance to anything, feel free to send.

Although we specialise in technology law, environmental law, intellectual property, corporate governance, strategic intelligence, legal education & management and international law, we are open to accept pieces of any legal field.

Do try to produce interesting, nuanced and unique ideas in the article you send to us.

You can E-mail your articles at