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Indic Pacific Publishing

IPP is the Publication Division of Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP. We offer publication services for our in-house research projects and external publications, such as books, collection of research works and other academic and industry-related publications in the fields of law and policy.

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Technical Reports




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What Do We Publish?


Monographs, or general works of research or opinion in the fields of law and policy.

Collections of Research Works

Collections of research papers, reports and commentaries in the fields of law and policy.

Technical Reports

Reports covering essential research questions and issues of importance, in the fields of law and policy.


Handbooks, which cover integral concepts and phenomena in the fields of law and policy.

Benefits of Publishing with Us

proof-reading and plagiarism checking

We offer every manuscript proof-reading services, which includes plagiarism check services. Although, it is subject to cooperation with every editor/author to ensure that the corrections are made promptly to preserve the quality of the work, we are hospitable to provide proof reading and plag check services for our publications.

Marketing and brand building support 

We understand that every publication, be it a report, a book, a handbook or a collection of research papers, for example, is a work, which clearly represents the academic and industrial potential of the authors. We provide tailor-made solutions to build and cultivate the branding of the authors and editors associated with the publications and consult them.

Indexing with Resource identifiers

To promote self-reliance in indexing and improving the rankings of our publications, we offer the indexing of all publications with the VLiGTA Resource Identifier (VRI), which we strive to connect with possible and available resource identifiers, for example, DOI & ORCID.  Registering for CDI, our digital identity provider, would be however mandatory. Both VRI & CDI are privacy-oriented by design and user sensitive. 

SEO boosting

Using VLiGTA Resource Identifier and CDI, we strive to boost the SEO of the publications on our websites to promote the digital edition of the publications.

content marketing

We also offer content marketing services through multiple means, to promote the chapters of the publications, or any short article/blog authored by any of the authors and editors, related to their publications. We are also open to curate specific solutions on content marketing based on the authors and editors' brand development & growth.

Digital, paperback and hardcover formats

We publish all books, handbooks, reports and collections of research works in a paperback format. However, we also provide digital access of the publications on our platform, and other relevant digital platforms, for example - Amazon Kindle. Based on the authors and editors' discretion, we can also publish the hardbound versions of the publications. 

publication of translated editions

We publish all books, handbooks, reports and collections of research works in English. However, on a case-to-case basis, we can also offer services to publish the translated editions of the publications. Kindly contact us to avail more information on the language translations we offer.

Pricing and Specifics

Tier 1

For Single or Multiple Authors (1-3 authors only)

Tier 3

Conference proceedings and collections of research works 

Tier 2

In-house publications and publications based on external partnerships for reports, handbooks, briefs and other documents of academic, industrial and policy importance under the Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs

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