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The Flagship Conference of Indic Pacific Legal Research.

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Legal+Policy Design

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What is Law + Policy?

Policies have always shaped the way laws must be made, while a law ensures how policies change, or remain the same. We at Indic Pacific Legal Research anticipate the need to estimate how legal changes are based on policy realities. The transformation of regulatory approaches, towards digital technologies and their sectorial presence, may be considered as an interesting example.

Harnessing the Potential of Legal+Policy Design

The Vidhitsa Law Conference, is the flagship conference of Indic Pacific Legal Research, continuing the practice of unconventional, unique and comprehensive research discussions on issues resolving law, technology and global governance.

Visual Legal Analytica: Law & Policy Insights

About the Vidhitsa Law Institute

VLiGTA, also known as the Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs, is the research arm of Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP, developing in-house research innovation with a solution and goal-centric approach, in areas like law, technology and global governance.

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