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Areas of Consulting

Indic Pacific Legal Research offers consultancy in matters related to law, technology and governance.

Broadly, we specialise in matters related to technology law, sustainable development, intellectual property, strategic intelligence in legal management, ADR and corporate governance.

Work Requirements

Integral Support

Services focusing on infrastructure, system and day-to-day legal and policy issues

Specific Support

Services focusing on product issues or case-to-case problems

Generative Support

Services focusing on transition, entrepreneurial, development, planning and generative issues

AI, Disruptive Tech and Intellectual Property

Regulatory Advice on Data Protection and Use of AI Technologies

Privacy Policy and Quality Assurance for AI Products & Services

AI-related IP and Knowledge Management Consulting

AI-related Patent Law Consulting

Copyright & Trade Mark Consulting for Digital & AI Technologies

Ethics, Research & Auditing of AI Technologies

Disruptive tech quality auditing:
distinctive & mixed Types

Web3-related Regulatory and Innovation Advice

Based on the nature of the issue, we would be in a position to offer consultancy services in miscellaneous issues which are not a part of the current list of services.

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