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Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs



Our Expertise

Know more about VLiGTA's Research Expertise and Divisions

Indic Pacific Legal Research specialises its consultancy services in 6 key areas, related to law, technology and global governance. VLiGTA's expertise lies in developing and cultivating in-house research and innovation with an India-centric outlook.

Artificial Intelligence Resilience

"Despite all the hype and excitement about AI, it's still extremely limited today relative to what human intelligence is."

Andrew Ng

We at Indic Pacific, under VLiGTA harness and imbibe with the potential of regulatory theory to discover and create legal and policy solutions, which make artificial intelligence systems AUDITABLE, SAFE, EXPLAINABLE & RESILIENT.

Each industry has its own share of NEEDS and CHALLENGES. We ensure to get beyond the STATUS QUO, and contribute to innovative research in law and artificial intelligence.

We address challenges related to

AI Auditing and Compliance
AI Ethics and Data Quality & Protection 
Algorithmic Transparency/Quality and Performance Issues
Ethical Issues Involving the Research & Development of AI
Corporate Governance and the Involvement cum Role of Artificial Intelligence

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