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Our Research History

Here is a glance at the research contributions developed by our analysts and researchers in these years.

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and it culminated...

Law, technology and global governance has been our niche.

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Law and the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Policy in India (Vols. 1-3, 2020-21)

This series of publications features research ideas and analyses in various emerging domains of AI and Law, addressing questions, such as:

How AI technologies bear a legal impact on the status of integrated circuits?

Should our multilateral systems create an international legal corpus on AI?

How AI systems can create legal and ethical issues in various industry sectors differently?

How have algorithms affected and controlled our knowledge economy?

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One of the First Indian Conferences on AI and Law

AI & Glocalisation and Law, Volume 1, 2020 [Conference Proceedings]

The first Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law was organised by the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law on October 1-4, 2020. 

We addressed some important themes in the conference, such as:

The Scope of Splinternet and 5G Governance in Multilateral Governance and Data Sovereignty Policy

The Legal and Political Repercussions of Privatisation of Autonomous and Augmented Systems in Space and Conflict Activities

Assessing the Scope, Liability and Interpretability of the Paralytic Nature of AI Ethics Board in Corporeal Entities

Algorithmic Trading and Monetisation: Policy Constraints for Disruptive Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and its Synchronous Implications to Ecological Data Solutions

Deciphering Explainable Artificial Intelligence for the Indo-Pacific

Reconciling Monotonicity in International AI Governance

Role of AI Hype and Why Auditing AI is Necessary 

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The Handbook Project

2020 Handbook on AI and International Law & 2021 Handbook on AI and International Law

In July 2020, ISAIL went ahead with its Handbook project to produce a full-fledged handbook on AI and International Law. 

In February 2021, the first handbook was published, which covers various (some 20) fields of international law.

In March 2022, we completed the project by publishing the 2022 Handbook, covering even more (26) fields and areas of and related to international law.

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The Technical Reports

ISAIL has published two key technical reports addressing important policy and legal dilemmas, related to law and technology governance in India.

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Indo-Pacific and Global Governance

Global Relations and Legal Policy, Vols. 1-2, 2020-21

Indian International Law Series, Volume 1, 2020

Global Customary International Law Index: The Analytical Monograph

These collections of relevant research papers and articles, had covered instrumental developments in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as analysed on the international legal developments of global importance, under the former Indian International Law project.

The conclusion was done, via the special monograph on customary international law.

They cover issues like:

Indo-African and West Asia Ties: Cooperation and Transformation

How customary international law norms shape with time?

Resolving the Jurisdictional Issues of International Courts and Tribunals

The Transformation of Investor Rights in International Investment Law

India's Space Governance and its Legal Infrastructure

How the United Nations has shaped Customary International Law and its Objector Principles

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India's Frontiers in Global Governance

The Technical and Analytical Reports

GLA produced 3 important technical reports covering issues like:

Regularizing Artificial Intelligence Ethics in the Indo-Pacific

An Indian Perspective on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

India's Role in Shaping the Systems of Global Governance

India-led Global Governance in the Indo-Pacific: Basis & Approaches

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