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Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs


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Welcome to the Vidhitsa Law Institute

VLiGTA, also known as the Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs, is the research arm of Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP, developing in-house research innovation with a solution and goal-centric approach, in areas like law, technology and global governance.


It inspires its ideation and principled approach from the legacy of two research organisations under the firm, the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and Global Law Assembly.

We will continue the research legacy of the research institutions and provide more competing legal and policy solutions to a next level.

We explain legal ideas, the Graphic Way. 

Presenting Visual Legal Analytica, a Publication Network, where we discuss Legal Ideas and Concepts in the Language of Graphics.

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Presenting the

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A Pseudonymised Platform for all to Learn and Upgrade Your Legal Skills.


VLIGTA.com is an e-commerce platform which offers and indexes digital products, such as legal research publications to digitise and make research affordable and accessible. You can also buy the online courses available on the VLiGTA.app.

Save. Create. Digitise.

You can now buy the digital and paperback versions of our books and reports, as well as of those earlier published by the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law & Global Law Assembly. 

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Legal+Policy Design

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The Flagship Conference of Indic Pacific Legal Research.