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Research History & Experience

Indic Pacific Legal Research adopts a pragmatic approach to addressing legal challenges, transcending mere regulation. We recognize that legal issues are intrinsically intertwined with market practices in the digital economy. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that effective solutions necessitate a comprehensive analysis of the underlying dynamics and realities shaping the digital landscape.

This approach is embodied in VLiGTA®, our Research & Innovation Division, which drives forward-thinking solutions and explores the evolving interplay between law and technology.

Some facts & figures

The accompanying visual aids provide insightful data estimates, meticulously collated in graph charts, showcasing the remarkable journey and impact of our organization, its member entities, and former research departments.

On Skill Transformation

This section provides stats and insights on the research internship and virtual experience programmes under the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and other initiatives.

On Research

This section provides stats and insights on the research publications, reports and insights produced & developed since 2020.

On Engagements

This section provides stats and insights on our engagements and efforts in community building in technology policy & artificial intelligence policy since 2020.

What is VLiGTA®?

VLiGTA® is the Research & Innovation Division of Indic Pacific Legal Research, since 2022. Since April 2022, VLiGTA® has subsumed the research operations of the coveted Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Why VLiGTA®?

VLiGTA® by Indic Pacific delivers in building research collaborations and delivering in-house research-centric industry-conscious solutions.

How's VLiGTA® helpful?

The VLiGTA® Ecosystem has developed key law and policy brands, resources and products for Indic Pacific, such as, and the Indic Pacific Glossary, which are industry-conscious and helpful.

Our Brands

Unique Perspectives, Common Goals: Showcasing
Our Law & Policy Products & Brands

A digital library and ecosystem app, which offers a skill testing experience in law & policy domains

[A part of VLiGTA® Ecosystem]

India's inaugural private AI regulation bill for India / Bharat authored by Abhivardhan

[A part of VLiGTA® Ecosystem]

An independent industry forum for legal, policy & technology professionals which supports the AI ecosystem of start-ups and MSMEs to advocate and promote AI standardisation in India

An interactive glossary of key terms used in domains such as technology law, artificial intelligence governance and law & policy in our in-house insights

[A part of VLiGTA® Ecosystem]

A digital publication network featuring industry-conscious insights by Indic Pacific Legal Research

[A part of VLiGTA® Ecosystem]

A pioneering platform dedicated to the development and dissemination of AI standardization guidelines by the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law

Let's understand VLiGTA®

The Research and Innovation Division of Indic Pacific Legal Research

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