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Indic Pacific Legal Research has been delivering on pioneering innovation in legal and policy research, with an Indian and global overview, since 2019.  


Our notable initiatives include the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and Global Law Assembly

Indic Pacific is an emerging technology law consultancy, which delivers its consulting services in the areas of law, technology and global governance. 

Service Areas.


We advise and consult on generating legal and policy solutions on complex matters related to law and digital technologies, intellectual property, corporate innovation, sustainable development and legal management.


Our approaches are integral, specific and generative, based on the requirements of the clientele. 


We develop technology solutions as SaaS or digital products, for customised or general use, which address legal and policy challenges, from management & governance to customised solutions for issues ranging from authentication to accessibility.


We develop research-based solutions in law and public policy domains with a perspective to offer innovative and resilient solutions through our reports, insights and in-house products & services under VLiGTA, or the Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs. 


We provide skill development courses for students, young professionals and also for those who wish to switch their careers to law through the VLiGTA App ecosystem.


Our approach to generate competencies among people is three-tier - Learn, Skill, Grow. 

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