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"Here's the thing: Whether you're a total rookie or a seasoned pro, everyone starts somewhere. So, embrace your inner Level 0 - Curious, and get ready to Learn, Skill, and Grow like a boss!"

- The Visual Legal Analyst

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Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Law [UNIS-L-0003]

  • 12Weeks
  • 16Steps
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Alrighty folks, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Law training program! We've got three modules packed with more lectures than you can shake a stick at. Let's dive in, shall we? Module 1: The Ethics of AI and IP Law In this module, we'll be tackling the big questions about human dignity, consciousness, and the philosophical underpinnings of AI. We'll also cover the nitty-gritty of tech transfer and mobility, machine learning methods, and stakeholder roles. It's like a buffet of brainy goodness! Module 2: IP Rights and Algorithmic Ethics Module 2 is where things get really juicy. We'll be digging into the legal and ethical challenges of AI algorithms in IP law. From data and algorithms to AI hype and identifying IP rights for AI-generated content, this module has it all. We'll even spill the beans on the latest AI initiatives in IP offices. Module 3: Common Concerns of IP Recognition In the final module, we'll tackle the big questions about recognizing and protecting IP rights for AI-generated works. We'll explore the role of human creativity and innovation, and break down patent pools and FRAND commitments so even your grandma could understand. So there you have it, folks - a whirlwind tour of AI and IP law, served with a side of sass and a sprinkle of sarcasm. It's like a legal rollercoaster, but with fewer lawsuits and more laughs. Sign up now and let's get this party started!

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