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The Policy Purpose of a Multipolar Agenda for India, First Edition, 2023

This is Infographic Report IPLR-IG-001, in which we have addressed the concept and phenomenon of multipolarity in the context of India’s geopolitical and policy realities per se.

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Here is a sneak peek of the report.

Here is the table of contents of the report:

1 | Understanding Multipolarity

What is multipolarity, and how has this concept evolved for India in political, economic and social aspects.

2 | The Transformative Role of Multipolarity

How multipolarity as a policy phenomenon (and a geopolitical phenomenon changed the way we look at global issues and problems.

Global Dynamics and Politics

Diversifying Power & Competence Dynamics

  • Old Multilateralism vs New Multilateralism

  • Multi-Alignment as the New Normal

  • Plurilateralism and ‘Minilateralism’

  • The Rise of Specialised Non-State Actors

  • The World is Post-Ideological

Crisis and Realism

The Language and Outlook of ‘Polycrisis’

  • Principled Realism

  • The Weaponization of Everything

Technology and Modernity

The Penetrable and Irreversible Role of Digital Technologies

  • The Big Tech and the Red Tech

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