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Generative AI and Law Workshop for upGrad

Our Founder and Managing Partner, Abhivardhan is glad to hold a 2-hour virtual workshop with upGrad on Generative AI and Law.

This workshop is a free event to attend virtually. upGrad has stated that they will provide a Certificate upon Completion.

Abhivardhan will discuss about nuances related to the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence, and its use in the legal industry, especially when it comes to document analysis and legal research.

The workshop will also cover some nuances related to the legal issues around Generative AI tools, especially on prompt engineering, cybersecurity and intellectual property-related issues.

Register for the workshop for free at

About Abhivardhan, our Founder and Managing Partner

Throughout his journey, he has gained valuable experience in international technology law, corporate innovation, global governance, and cultural intelligence. With deep respect for the field, Abhivardhan has been fortunate to contribute to esteemed law, technology, and policy magazines and blogs. His book, "AI Ethics and International Law: An Introduction" (2019), modestly represents his exploration of the important connection between artificial intelligence and ethical considerations. Emphasizing the significance of an Indic approach to AI Ethics, Abhivardhan aims to bring diverse perspectives to the table. Some of his notable works also include the 2020 Handbook on AI and International Law, the 2021 Handbook on AI and International Law and the technical reports on Generative AI, Explainable AI and Artificial Intelligence Hype.

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In association with VLiGTA®, ISAIL (since 2019) is excited to announce the opening of membership applications for the Society. We are interested to have lawyers, data & AI engineers, entrepreneurs and public policy professionals to join the ISAIL Members community to foster discourse on AI regulation and innovation, especially in legal and policy technologies in India.

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