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Being Lawyerly to Build Ethical AI for Business | AIM Leaders Council

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Today, for the members of the AIM Leaders Council, we had some meaningful discussion on Algorithmic Ethics for Good Business in today's meetup.

I had discussed about Being Lawyerly to Build Ethical AI for Business, which was central to the following important points:

- Converging Legal and Business Concerns towards Explainable AI

- From Audits & Compliance to Conflict and Innovation Management

- #Data4Development and Consumer Law Innovations towards Explainable AI

In this meet-up, I had joined Ananya Roy from Deloitte. Her points on algorithmic ethics were insightful, especially:

- human-centric future of technologies taking Moore's Law into regard

- human perception of outsourcing operations to AI and Algorithmic bias

- algorithms and ethical ambiguity

- explainable artificial intelligence and self-perpetuating cycles

On #AIEthics, I had also discussed the implications of the Competition Commission of India's orders on Google, the recently released Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, transitioning from digital inclusion to digital mobility and economic-ethical tech innovations.

In case anyone wishes to read through the presentation document for the meetup, please feel free to DM me.

I thank members of Analytics India Magazine for the invite.

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