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A Pseudonymised Platform to Learn, Improve and Upgrade Your Legal Skills.

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the importance of having legal skills


Getting appropriate legal skills is not limited to courts and legislatures. Even businesses and professionals, should know which laws and rules can have an impact on their day-to-day lives. The VLiGTA App is designed to offer a platform where, beyond general awareness, you can deeply grasp how your day-to-day laws and rules, really work.

For law students, scholars and professionals, the App offers a platform, where you can grasp and understand legal skills that are essential to build an effective legal career. For those who would like to test and advance their skills, the App offers the competitive streak to advance their legal skills and career paths.

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About VLiGTA

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VLiGTA, also known as the Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs, is the research arm of Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP, developing in-house research innovation with a solution and goal-centric approach, in areas like law, technology and global governance.


It inspires its ideation and principled approach from the legacy of two research organisations under the firm, the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and Global Law Assembly.

The Founder

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Abhivardhan is the Chairperson & Managing Trustee of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law & the Managing Partner of Indic Pacific Legal Research. Abhivardhan possesses research competence and experience of international technology law, global governance, corporate innovation and cultural intelligence.

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